Polish Military Pictures

13. Pułk Ułanów Wileńskich

1938- 13th Regiment of Vilnius Lancers-From Edward Sanetra.

Edward Sanetra sent this information about this picture (above): His father, Adam Sanetra, with his squadron, in Wilno in 1938. Adam is in the most bottom line, third from the right. “His regiment – 13. Pułk Ułanów Wileńskich – (13th Regiment of Vilnius Lancers) was know as the only one in Polish Army which included Polish Tartars squadron – Muslims, among Catholics, Orthodox and Jews.”

1939-Adam Sanetra (from Edward Sanetra)

Adam Sanetra was born 29 Nov 1915. This picture was taken in 1939 while serving in Vilnus (Wilno), Poland. So he would be age 24 in this picture.

Adolf Sanetra, about 1950’s

Adolf Sanetra in military, 1950s