I’ve been learning and preparing for a huge project I want to try. I’ve emailed with several people over the last few years, trying to figure out how we are related, but I haven’t yet found most of the connections. Many of my Polish DNA matches are 4-6 generations back, before families immigrated. Many people today do not know who their ancestors are, beyond the immigrant ancestor.

I have transcriptions of early church records for several families such as Sanetra, Wandzel, Kłósak, Gowin, Cuirla, Bąk, Habdas, Hazuka, Żuławski, Zyzak etc. These records show many people had 2 or 3 marriages, being widowed young. Often when widowed, the next marriage was to a cousin or sibling of their first spouse. Also many of the same names were used. I know of three Marcin Kłósak’s married to Regina Sanetra’s close in age. This is where house numbers on the marriage records helps me keep the families organized on paper. My friend developed a DNA charting method to figure out complex DNA relationships. I have successfully used this mapping technique to solve several DNA mysteries. I’ve been charting these earlier relationships, so it should be easier to see DNA connections now.

If you would like to be part of this project contact me through either MyHeritage or AncestryDNA.

If you did an AncestryDNA test, click here to see if you are related to Richard Sanetra , and message him. That message will go to me.

If you did a MyHeritage DNA test, search your DNA matches for Richard Sanetra, same picture. Then message him. That message will go to me.

Here is an example of how the the project charts will look. The colored names would be DNA matches. To help protect privacy, no names of living people will be on these charts. The DNA username is used, as it appears in Ancestry.com or MyHeritage. This example uses fictitious names.

Let’s collaborate to learn more about our ancestors 4-6 generations ago!

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