Karol Janik’s naturalization papers

Karol filed his declaration of intention, but he died two years later, so his paperwork was never finished. Adam Sanetra said that he was going to live with his brother in law Karol Janik, on the Ellis Island ship manifest of 1923. I have not yet found a record of Karol’s first marriage in Poland. Karol was listed as a widow on the ship manifest in May 1906. Adam Sanetra had a sister named Wiktoria, that we don’t know much about. She’s the only sister that we don’t know the name of her husband. It is possible that Wiktoria Sanetra was Karol’s first wife and that she died before Karol Janik immigrated. This is the only possibility I can think of, to explain the relationship between Karol Janik and Adam Sanetra. Adam could have said they were friends, but instead he gave a relationship. Karol’s second wife, Julia Pantera, was the widow of Wladyslaw Kwiatkowski. I have not yet found any record showing that Karol had any children. Karol’s obituary only mentions Julia’s children from her first marriage.

Karol Janik and Adam Sanetra lived at 1058 Marshfield Avenue in Chicago. Karol shows up in the 1915 city directory with this address. The 1914 city directory gives the address of 1150 Marshfield Avenue. I’m not sure if that was a mistake, or if that means Karl moved to 1058 in the year 1915. Karol was a tailor.