Missing: 100+ year mystery: Bronisława & Stanisław Sanetra (click here)

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Paul last saw his brother Stanisław Sanetra on the steps of the orphanage in October 1918. Our family is still trying to learn what happened to him.

Bronisława Sanetra for some unknown reason, at the last minute was not able to immigrate with her parents. Rosalie Wandzel’s mother took care of her until she could immigrate to Chicago. The expectation was she could travel in 3 months time, but instead it was 7 years! Ellis Island verified Adam Sanetra would be picking his daughter up at the train station, then put her on the train. Paul remembers going to the train station to meet his sister Bronisława, but she never arrived on the train. Our family has been trying to discover what happened since Feb 1911. Paul never met his sister Bronisława Sanetra.

Bronisława Sanetra’s birth record
Stanisław Sanetra baptismal record, near Chicago