Maciej Sanetra and Anna Stawarz family

Maciej Sanetra first married Anna Stawarz, then secondly Maria Gowin. His house number at the time of both marriages was listed as house number 76. I currently know of five children for Maciej Sanetra: three sons with Anna, and two sons with Maria. But I do not yet know all the wives of Maciej’s sons, or all his grandchildren. This is part of the confusing relationships with the Gowin and Sanetra families, and where I believe a lot of DNA matches to Richard Sanetra connect. Maciej Sanetra and Anna Stawarz had a son named Jakub Sanetra. This Jakub married Marianna Gowin, the younger sister of Maciej’s second wife (who also sometimes went by the name of Marianna in records). So two sisters with the same name married a father and son. See this Józef Gowin and Anna Ciurla family page for a chart and further explanations, with a different chart about this family:

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