Józef Gowin and Anna Ciurla had nine children that I know about, three children died young. This family is particularly confusing. I have spent many hours studying the records and relationships. I have created two charts to show some of the complex connections between this Gowin and Sanetra family: This chart above and one chart on Maciej Saneta & Anna Stawarz family page. Note: Józef Gowin and Anna Ciurla have both a Maria and a Marianna, two names that can be used to mean the same person. All three marriage records for these sisters say Marianna. But on the birth records, the older daughter is listed as Maria, born 8 February 1840, with the younger sister born 6 September 1851 listed as Marianna. Michał Marcin Gowin died the day he was born. The next year another son was born named Michał. He married Agnieszka Wróbel. Franciszka Gowin was from house #39, on her marriage record to Józef Sanetra. Franciszka Gowin and Józef Sanetra raised their children in house #76. These Sanetras and Gowins are often listed as living at house #76. These Gowins fluctuate a bit, being listed as from house #29 or #39, or #49. I believe the families on this chart are ancestors of the Sanetra, Lach, Biel, Kłósak and Wróbel families that settled in Minneapolis and are showing up as DNA matches to Richard Sanetra.

These 3 complexities are also notated and shown on the chart.

  1. Anna Ciurla married two Gowin brothers. I have only found records of her having children with her first husband Józef Gowin. Anna was 34 years old when she married her second husband Piotr Gowin, so it is possible they had children together.
  2. Anna Ciurla had two daughters that show up as Marianna in marriage records. They show up as Maria and Marianna in birth records. These two sisters married a Sanetra father and son.
  3. Two sisters Franciszka Gowin and Marianna Gowin married two Sanetra brothers Jakub and Józef Sanetra.
See Maciej Sanetra & Anna Stawarz family page

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