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This website is in its early days of construction and is a huge work in progress. Each name entry in the surname index leads to a page about that individual’s family that includes what I know about the family, such as: charts, pictures, relationship notes or naturalization records. Here’s an example of the surname index:

I’ve started by including families that are my ancestors. Next, I will add families that I have information about, but that I’m not yet sure how I’m related to. Each family page where I know the family’s relationship to my grandfather, Richard Sanetra, will include a simplified chart showing the relationship. Example of relationship chart:

Circles with a blue edge are always a clickable link. I’ve made two types of name buttons. The ship icon is used for someone I know immigrated to North America. The eagle symbol is used for people who remained in Poland.

This button leads to where I’ve begun linking family pages in a relationship tree. Adam Sanetra’s parents and grandparents are linked. Rosalie’s pages will be linked soon too. Start here, or click the blue “tree linked” button to explore the tree.

The above image shows my new family page design. This is at the bottom of each family page. The gold area tells marriage information, house number and parents’ names for the bride and groom. It seems the duration of marriages that I’ve found information on generally wasn’t very long. Many people’s spouses were dying young, and then they remarried. In most of the families I’ve been studying, each person was married two or three times and had children with each marriage. I haven’t yet learned why so many people died young, but I’m wondering if childbirth and military conflicts were big factors.

The slate gray area lists children that grew to be adults. Each clickable circle in the section leads to a page with that individual as the head of a household. I want to show all of the family on the same page. There are many children that died as infants or very young children. This family above shows four children, but Francizka Gowin actually gave birth to eleven children. The children who died young won’t be linked to other pages, but they are still listed on their family page, represented like this:

I’m very grateful my new friend sent me these pictures of Żywiec. She visited this summer and took these pictures to share on this site. I love them and feel these pictures help me visualize the area where my ancestors lived. She also sent me the picture on the home page.

I continue to update these families in FamilySearch, and will include links to where these people can be found in FamilySearch. This will assist everyone in seeing how we relate and connect to each other. See the green highlight in the image below which is the link for viewing relationships. The orange highlight shows the person’s identification number in FamilySearch.

Clicking on the area highlighted in green leads to the image below.
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