Trying to reconnect my family

part of Jadwiga Sanetra’s letter in 1963

My great grandfather, Paul Sanetra, told me he was an orphan and spent most of his life looking for his family. Then he asked me if I would help him find his family. He started telling me stories he remembered. Paul was born in Evanston, Illinois (near Chicago) about a year after his parents immigrated from Żywiec-Zabłocie, Poland. Paul had 2 sisters he’d never met, Bronisława and Jadwiga. He last saw his brothers and father on the orphanage steps in October 1918 after his mother died from the flu epidemic. Paul wrote many letters (for at least 60 years) looking for his family! He paid translators to write letters to Poland. Paul never did find his brother Stanisław, last seen in October 1918 or his sister Bronisława who disappeared between Ellis Island and the train station in Chicago where the family went to meet her February 1911. These are our two big 100 year old unsolved mysteries. This image is part of Jadwiga Sanetra’s letter to her brother Paul. She was happy they found each other and asked if he had found Staniław or Bronisłwa yet. This site will share my findings, and things I’m learning.

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